Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Presenting our gags ‘Pitch’

Idea ...Rocky ..... shit

In some ways the 1st presentation went quite well in other ways in terms of the team’s progression things went well, although on the other hand some of the ideas didn’t quite go to plan. We received reasonable positive feedback from Allen and took another step to achieving a potentials spoof final idea.

The team decided the strongest idea was Toms James’s bond secret life at home away from the light and cameras, what does he do with all those gadgets? Here the question that will be answered in our spoof , as the task for the next presentation was to give few more ideas this lead to the chucky vs. saw collaboration.
My poster which surprisingly took an hour of my time.

I then started looking into other films that can and have a possible spoofable quality to them for example Dog soldiers very serious films, a lot of heavy violent scenes the violence lead to the troops death who are only trying to survive, the only down fall using this is that the public may not have seen it and the majority would not laugh. Therefore equals a shit idea.Audience need to be considered as a major part of what’s being created because there are certain standards that need to be held mixing category’s such as adult content with other PG stuff can be quite funny but need to observe, figure out what you are trying 2 convey in the idea 1st before carrying it out.

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