Saturday, 24 October 2009

The world my characters live in...

To bring your characters to life issues of there surrounding can be raised aspect such as this is considered here with my processes, taking it on board the goals is border to achieve ‘bringing the character to life’ a thought which plays over and over in my mind at the moment.

Our World Jungles Offer and exhibits great creatures, from animals to insects hundred and thousands of species, we as humans try to understand what happens within them, many documentary have been showcasing this in the past, so many various problems occur in the over grown habitats, man made pollution, cultural differences, deforestations, hunting, economic growth power over land, natural disasters (fires, flooding…) and so forth. These key features have enhanced my imagination for the surroundings the characters will be living in here you can start to pictures the characters as they are forming and relate to there surroundings.

A hierarchy is at work here for my characters you wouldn’t normally associate part of a monkeys excitants living side by side theoretically in the wild with a reptile, in this case crocodiles, this is the main reason for my choice in animals they obtain a reason behind them although you would find them indigenously in the same type of the world or habitat, Monkeys are seen as prey to crocodiles whist maintaining a dominant figure reptiles species have formed a predatory role from the beginning of time being descendants of historic icons from the dinosaurs ages here evidence is found.

Villain Character

Slender-snouted crocodiles are native to freshwater habitats in central and western Africa. They are a medium sized crocodile and grow to about 3 to 4 meters long. They have a slender snout used for catching prey, hence their name. Their diet consists of mainly fish, amphibians and crustaceans.


People often wonder what is the deadliest creature on the planet and argue about which animal should take that spot. To be honest though, none deserve that crowning glory better than us humans. But that set aside, let us take a quick look at the supposedly deadliest animals on the planet rated based on their danger to humans as the main criteria.

The natives just run darts against the skin of this tiny, bright and colorful frog from the rainforests of South America to hunt down prey. Why? Because its poison is enough to kill ten men and will be triggered the moment you touch its skin.

Hero Character

The Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey (Leontopithecus rosalia) also known as Golden Marmoset, is a member of the family Cebidae. Native to the Atlantic coastal forests of Brazil, the Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey is an endangered species and among the rarest animals in the world, with an estimated wild population of 1,000 individuals and a captive population of approximately 500.

The Golden Lion Tamarin Monkey is reddish orange to golden brown in colour. Its hair is longer and darker around the face, forming a mane on top of the head and on the cheeks and throat. Its limbs are slender with sharp claws. Although quite long, its tail is not prehensile.
ONE OF the world's rarest and most beautiful monkeys has taken an important step back from the brink of extinction.The population of the golden lion tamarin of Brazil, a striking squirrel- sized primate with a furry head like a lion's mane, was once down to fewer than 200 left in the wild.

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