Friday, 16 October 2009

Continuing character design

More depth needs to be done into my character design project and establish where I’m going with it, I know the type of setting its going to be in just need 2 allocate the main things about the character and create a few synopsis’s of them. Detailing and outlining there purpose, why they are a hero why is he a villain and so on.

Synopsis definition
syn•op•sis (si näp′sis)
Noun pl. synopses -•ses′ (-sēz′)
a statement giving a brief, general review or condensation; summary

There are numerous kinds of animals that can help build the foundation of my designs, incorporated within a jungle/forest atmosphere the words I gathered previously (mammals, invertebrates, birds, small mammals and lizards) are a huge choice and collection of animals I can choose from. Narrowing down the jungle/forest into 2 main topics ground animals and sky animals, my development lead to Mammals and Lizards because I find these types of creatures to be contrasting then can easily obtain a meaning for characters design and manipulating out of the ordinary animals together to create one for example.

 Mammal choice:
  1. Golden lion Tamarin
  2. Squirrel monkey
  3. Jaguar
  4. Giant ant eater
  5. Sumatra rhino

 Lizard choices:
  1. Crowned adamid
  2. Gecko (green eyed)
  3. Water monitor lizard
  4. African lender snouted crocodile
  5. Blue poison dart frog


Tom Beg said...

hey Raj, here's a link to the stuff we came up with for the last powerpoint presentation if you want it.


Rdhillon said...

ok cheers ;)

Justin Wyatt said...

Hi Raj
I think you really need to be moving with this project now, and focus on your three characters - i am concerned that you will leave yourself too little time to complete the project. If this was work, by now your client would be wondering exactly what they were paying your for, without any forthcoming sketches! I do appreciate your visual research, for inspiration and other character designs, but i will need to see some sketches by the end of the week of your characters, since you do need to catch up, to beat the deadline....

Rdhillon said...

ok thanks Justin i appreciate your comment i have been workin on some character skecthes and will be uploading them shortly

Justin Wyatt said...

Hi Raj,
thats good to here. I look forward to seeing something soon