Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Maya work update

Mini car model
Mmmmmodeling..modelling..modelling the term modelling seems very simple and easy to grasp, Maya draws you into thinking this but in reality its a bitch for some once you think you have it right, you then discover you need to added more to get it right it’s a pain which can be overcome if practised.

Here the stage in which my mini is in at the moment, basic shape…done … front section middle section and back section…extracted..done… geometry in place..done.
Things left to do :
Touch ups and tweaking
Front bumper
Front grill

To infinity and beyond… (Toy story buzz lightyear)

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating a lip sync I feel that in a way it comes naturally when the task was set I found myself looking into a mirror miming the words to generate the shapes for the words that where begin formed by the character model.
Things to do:Small amount of tweaking exaggerate I/A, M, O, F, ect Add another key frame

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