Saturday, 24 October 2009


Villain Character

(Side kick) in progress…
The villain’s sidekick is in the development stages and the style of character has already been assessed, going to be based around the poison dart frog.
Hero Character


tutorphil said...

Hi Raj,

Great to see some sketches arrive - I'm looking forward to our interim crit together on tuesday morning. I'd like you to be confident and comprehensive - take control! :-)

Justin Wyatt said...

Hi Raj,
Good to see a big bunch of stuff here. I really like the way your characters are going - the animals you have chosen are very distinct from each other. The Villain and his sidekick (or henchman) are going in the right direction. For the hero, I would attempt to make him a little more human in his face - for Hero characters the audience needs to identify with them so their acting needs to be a little more complex than the villain or sidekick. Disney are the absolute masters of this kind of thing - even though they often depict animals that look like animals, they always have human qualities that allow you to empathize with them. When you drawing, remember shapes and proportions - think if this character was a human, what would they look like in terms of build, shapes etc. Then apply those shapes into the monkey proportions.

Anyway, I look forward to more of this. Keep sketching.