Friday, 9 October 2009

Narrative project ideas 1..

Our group has come together nicely, we have a little schedule outlining when and what time we will meet to discuss ideas and playing around with them as well ‘planning is key’. At the moment the ideas are floating around not having a particular specific one yet.

I wasn’t too sure where to begin with my ideas, because we had certain films to base our ideas around I found it hard to think outside the box, but thinking about memorable moment in the films gave me small outlines and possible gags.

  1. James bond casino royale - Scene where James bond becomes poisoned whilst playing poker and needs to revive himself with a medical kit in his car perhaps he enters the wrong car such as the knight rider car…

  2. Braveheart - William Wallace (Mel Gibson) gives speech about freedom to army, soldiers exchanged with lord of the rings characters.

  3. Wrong script given to wrong cast... can work for mixture of movies.

  4. Rocky - training scene showing elements of montage editing, ending in a wheel chair.

  5. Knight rider car totally opposite (pink, girly)

Many ideas for spoofs have been done in the past so it hard to gather and construct one that hasn’t been created before, noticing from my ideas the ones that work best are 3 and 4. Decided to show the guys in the group the Rocky concept and where happy to contribute there thoughts about it in some ways it works and some ways it doesn’t, I felt if I was to explain this idea it would be hard to get the effect I wanted and so prepared a small animatic.
Rocky storyboard concept

Rocky idea was just a random thought not a lot of logic behind it however something that could possibly...Jus maybe work and turn out to be quite funny.

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