Thursday, 8 October 2009

Artist Research

Paul Lindsey
Paul Lindsey was a very creative artist as a youngster he started illustrating after finishing school for higher Ground press teaming up with his mother, then began to write and draw his own illustrations for example Bobby Stellar: Space Kid. Being a Calarts graduate he has worked as a screenwriter, story board artist, character designer and art director. Working for Studios such as Blue sky Studios, Nickelodeon, Tandem Motion Pictures Studio, Next Dream Films and 8fish productions.

Dan Schoening

Freelance animator/illustrator Dan Schoening worked on various areas of the 2d art scene projects from television animation to video game concepts, having employment with DC Comics, Character designing at Inlight Entertainment, Conceptual artist at red fly studio, Animator at FatKat Animation Studios and a Junior Storyboard Artist at AKA studios.

‘DC’s characters are truly dramatic and exciting. They represent what our culture ultimately defines as a “hero”. Take Superman for example. He isn’t forced into doing the right thing, he chooses to do so.’

Stanford Greene

Mael Gourmelen

Sandro Cleuzo
Sandro started working in animation at the age of 15 as an inbetweener he picked up his skill and learnt them on the job, having worked on TV commercials from around the 1985 to 1990.In the summer or the 90’s he went to Ireland and applied to work at the Don Bluth’s studio and was hired as an Animator. Then relocated after 4 years to Phoenix, Arizona to start working at fox Animation studios. His success thought his career landed created opportunity to go that bit further and landed a job with Disney being hired to work on Anastasia for two years then Fantasia 2000 animating the “Sprite” running away from the “firebird”.

Jason Chan: Character Design 2: The Hero

Jason Chan Character Design 3 - The Villain

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