Wednesday, 4 November 2009

More Postmodernism

In my opinion it’s difficult to say nothing about this film once watched, I couldn’t stop thinking about the effects it had on me, Director and writer of the film Michael Haneke is a genius, again we get to see Naomi Watts exposed, scenes are showed which put the audience including yourself out of your comfort zone, we are all so use to a happy ending and a resolved problem, funny games exhibited the opposite to what you want perfectly when Ann Farber (Naomi Watts character) blows a hole in one of the ‘crazy Looney guys’ I started to feel slightly pleased when this happened…however its not the way things are this time round in a movie, its then rewound prior to the incident preventing the shooting, I can think of many scenes that can be depicted to show elements of background announce for instances the father figure does nothing to help, the child doesn’t escape et cetera. Biggest disappointment has to be the fact every1 dies also no explanation for why the deaths occurred Taking all this in consideration when u thinks about it the game has been played on you as the viewer very clever stuff.

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Roxannabelia and ikssm, uhm, not very Why? Because the movie is a mainstream theater film AND at the same time shows horrific sadistic scenes, showing how an entire family incl. dog gets butchered & drowned? I hope you don't draw any real-life inspiration from this beautiful piece of ART!!
If it's ART, I guess anyone can still watch it although they now know the ending....!

Funny Games Review

Posted 09-12-2009 at 12:10 PM by horrorbuff28
Funny Games is an exploitation movie like no other. This movie basically makes fun of exploitation movies meaning that it doesnt show much of any violence like Saw and Hostel which i find to very original and i am glad it is like that because it seems like this is the perfect movie not to show any violence and if it did, i dont believe this would be a very good movie.

Funny Games is about a family that is staying at their summer home and it seems like a perfect day but then Ann, played by Naomi Watts, becomes face-to-face with a polite person by the name of Peter. He asks for a few eggs and then Paul steps into the picture and thats when troubling violence starts to brew.

Funny Games is a remake of the origianl one made in 1998 that started a ton of controversy. What makes Funny Games so unique is the whole premise of the film. You think these two people are so pollite and well-mannered but the deeper you go into it, the more you realize that these two people are evil and demonic and twisted people. Thats also what makes it really scary is that you would never expect these two men too be the way they are. And also the games they play with the family are extremely suspensful and those are the moments that sends chills down your back. This movie is made with such skill. A lot of original ideas put into this film that are not in any other home-invasion movie.

For example, The Strangers is a home-invasion movie that just trys to scare you but it doesnt work. Funny Games has great dialogue and impeccable acting and it is just really scary. The brutality is powerful, even though you barely see any brutality, you know that its there and you can sense the pain that the victims are feeling. Those are the most terryfying moments in the film. All in All, Funny Games is brutal and powerful experience. Rating: 8.8/10


tutorphil said...

Dear Raj,

I'm 'pleased' Funny Games had such an effect: I think it's a powerful, harrowing movie and very intelligent and is really a critique of audience and genre and torture porn - juicy stuff!

tutorphil said...

oh - if you want another great home-invasion movie (though it's not got the critique element) check out 'Them' - a french movie, originally entitled 'Ils' - it's in the baseroom office if you want to borrow - and it's got a chilling final scene...

Rdhillon said...

ok thank you :D i'll check this out when i get some free time