Wednesday, 30 September 2009


Ok. My word 'Jungle'

 Jungle can span into all sort of terrain and directions. Hmm how can I simplify the direction? Starting by looking at the word and definitions giving me a path to work from .I typed in jungle symptoms and come across some interesting words like (prime evil forest, labyrinth, tropics, society, waste and Mise en scenes) these are just a few words which I came under covered.

I like the idea of having a prime evil forest as the back bone of my characters perhaps my villain has become rejected by the normal ‘jungle’ society so to speak. Animals may not get along with each other and there is a huge threat for domination of the jungle with these creatures over power much like transformers and so forth.

Now I have established where my work will be evolved around visual references are needed to base my characters on, I’ve located whilst researching into the different animal creature types a whole range of what is found in a jungle forest atmosphere.

Mammals, turtles, reptiles, lizards, carnivores, primates, crocodilians, snakes, ungulates, small mammals, birds, amphibians, fish, Invertebrates

Red text indicates my choices relationships and combination that can be made between them.

Following tuesdays lesson with Justin I had no real solid plan of where my ideas were following I need to start thinking about the links and relationships the word jungle has with the characters I’m going to create. I felt like undertaking a personification of the work jungle for example a scrap yard can be a ‘jungle’ in a sense is has metal everywhere surrounded by a source material, therefore using this element of the scrap yard interesting combinations of character designs can be formed have quality’s such as memorial as it is unique. However this is just one potential idea at the moment and I feel more research it needed to establish were I would like to venture into with my characters.

A few drawings I did immediately played around with shapes and lines getting use to a few drawing techniques and learnt how important something’s are when drawing for example considering the characters pose as it could determine whether it is evil or good. As you can see I’ve attempted to change batman into a baby now this required transformation in a few different ways using opposite influences curves and smooth edge as an alternative instead of hard angular straight lines. My sort of robot Winnie the poo took on batman’s style and has changed the concept into something new and ‘chucky’ like (creepy doll).

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