Thursday, 19 November 2009

*New* Hero + Villian + Side-Kick

I have thought long and hard about Justin’s feedback and have been taking strong actions against the last comment, since then my characters have become stronger and more vivid, Justin had pointed out that I should keep an eye on the shapes of the character and construct them better, to some extent I have changed my thinking and opted for a more humanistic approach to designing even though preserving the cartoon element to the whole character design project. The shapes I’m using now I feel are much better then before, the facial features and the body are now more muscular becoming visually powerful I think it just my style of drawing. Now I believe is has hindered away from the generic style it was previously. Not a lot of difference will be shown with my sidekick he will uphold the basic shapes as it will contrast with the Villain more appropriately.

I’ve explored more features concerning the human form areas such as games, athletics, human muscles, bodybuilders have been looked into to get the poses right for my characters.

1936 Olympics - Gymnastics

US Men's Gymnastics

Tekken 6 Characters
Being a fan of Tekken pretty much from the beginning of this fighting phenomenon I have witnessed the change in the characters shapes and size plus forms over the years in addition the latest version is Tekken 6 it includes props this year… the games shows another medium of where characters influences each other they have relationships to one another I the sense that they contrast to reveal a better self-image, each and every character is individual.

Body Building - arnold schwarzenegger - biceps training

Ronnie Coleman : MusCle man best body builder! EVER!!!

 A lot of my friends like to train and to the gym this is where I received this idea of using athletic exercise to under stand the human body more and the shapes involved, I drew an additional collection of poses gestures using images and video reference as guides for my characters to take advantage of.

It’s now decided after looking at the human figure in a few different ways this muscular pattern will emerge between the Hero and the Villain, my hero is a rare extinct species one of a kind it has been fighting for survival in a prime evil Forrest/Jungle again predictors such as the Villain its entire life why not give it similar traits to the recent King Kong Film.

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Justin Wyatt said...

HI Raj,
this seems to be going in the right direction and some very good research drawings here, You only have a few days left on this though, so i hope you have time to carry these sketches through to finished designs....