Thursday, 12 November 2009

Q's Swissarmy knife shoe + story board ...

Our group has put a lot of thought into the final concept of the narrative project scenario its time to concentrate on the design aspect of the project now and come to some sort of conclusion where the group can work from, we have split it up into few sections. I will be working on the main characters for the Q’s programme (Q himself and a sexy assistant) also along with this I have been assigned to create and design the first gadget Q will demonstrate, his wacky old shoe. Tom is in charge of the set design and other bits and bobs such as the 2nd item the laser whisk. Matt will be invention the last object ‘The Grinder’ a machine which appears to be deadly although merely producing a coffee substance. The only problem we are facing at the moment is the ending these are the considerations.
  • Q becomes famous from shopping channel. Shots of news paper cuts and magazine cuts spinning towards the camera.
• Q walks off the set onto another set which is within a James Bond film and sits down with the rest of the cast. (Post Modern Influence)

At the moment the classic shoe knife looks to generic I’m going to add larger blades and other components which look ridiculous and make no sense mimicking clueless Q’s state of mind.

In case you can’t depict what’s actually happening in this short story board here a quick summary, Q plonks his foot onto the table live on air in front of the camera man (hmm quite flexibly for an old guy), displays shoe to audience with slight confusion as the device is not operating the way he wants it to, gadget then fly’s open in all direction Q becomes frightening handing it over to the pretty assistant who then Screams in pain.

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