Thursday, 19 November 2009

Narrative Resolved Characters and New Story structure

Q and his Assistant

The images below show the final Q design proportions have been considered and this is corresponding within both images, the idea is to keep the sketches simple and affective they need to look similar to its inspiration the cartoony UP character Carl Fredrickson however maintaining its own icon I believe I have done this. Q’s female assistant has taken up form also having influences from Betty boo to Jessica rabbit. The design concept for this wasn’t too hard as there are so many references out there. Basing all the designs for our project in the 60’s era has transformed my way of thinking during this time a lot of things where moving forward to a better existent and forever growing now, I feel that looking into 60’s designs has enhanced developing character along with giving me a wider outlook on other approaches.

Few references for the female design .

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