Monday, 30 November 2009

New story Narartive story structure


Let’s have a look at the narrative project now.

Lately I haven’t had the chance to speak about what’s happening with the narrative project to date, due to other project work but now that is finished I can explain the event of last weeks, Tuesday a special guess actor Glen a ex- student to the university and former cg arts student exhibited his knowledge of the narrative genre to us. Dreading the fact that we might make a fool of ourselves as some of us were in lack of confidence to physically act but it wasn’t to bad to be honest, Matt didn’t turn up on the day never the less we got down to some fun activities there were key things about ‘narrative’ that where established, things that the whole of the group didn’t know. According to Glen his theory suggest the best way to approach a narrative story structure is to work backwards as the end is the hardest part to produce.


We felt that the introduction, complication and climax was concluded however didn’t think that the resolution and conclusion was entirely there. Glen explained how the external logic/reality will come into our work gags and jokes need to be addressed in some of the work as logic may not appear to everyone.

A Few activities covered on the day:
  • Acting poses
  • Group juggling balls
  • Relating rigs to puppets
The day was coming to a close Glen asked if there was anything that he might have missed Tom and I used this opportunity to find out how acting with no dialogue can be improved and incorporated with our work as the Q idea involves no dialogue. We were broke up into groups of twos and created a very short dialogue using letters of the alphabet using descriptive words which defined our poses when acted out.

We sat down with Glen and spoke openly about the assignment and the way we where planning on progressing the project he suggested that it may be a bit complex initially, he recommended to keep the shopping idea alive and run with it, cutting out the being and trading this with a sequence of the classic gun barrel from James Bond, the barrel would roll onto the set of the shopping channel introducing it straight away using another classic implement of James Bond the sound track also by executing this method successfully it engages the audience and makes them aware that this is Q (Desmond Llewellyn), another change was to one of the gadgets the shoe knife instead of given the shoe to his assistant this can be less complicated and in turn simplified, no more assistant, he counters this problem with his shoe and ends up leaving the shoe on set. The last element of change was the ending, here it was evidence things where not working in terms of the relationship the other gadget, this is the climax so we have to focus on something big .The ‘Grinder’ will still perform the same act but be build after the first two gadget have been shown, being built during a break for instance would allow this to become introduced in the programme the grinder portrays a working appliance (makes cup of coffee/tea) after almost destroying the whole set.

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