Friday, 27 November 2009


 I went to go see a film today with a group of friends - 2012, I had high expectations about the film seeing trailers and reviews prior to watching it, personality found the film fully satisfying examples of immense cg was mind blowing making me more and more exchanged with the movie not realising that it was actually 3 hours long. Showcased a classic family scenario much like deep impact fighting for there survival and flowing there journey through it.

A lot of my work try’s to convey a sense of meaning using the world we live in, noticing what might possibly happen in the future perhaps not in our life time was really interesting to see from another prospective. The devastation of world in the film introduced a feeling of De Ja Vu as if I’ve witnessed it before hmm how strange.

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Okay - below is a list of the first year blogs; I suggest you follow them and their progress; they're a nice sociable bunch and they're going to need your help and experience as they enter Unit 3 'Tableau Vivant' - their first go at bringing Maya into their creative project... go introduce yourselves!

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