Sunday, 17 April 2011

Our Last Crit (Tuesday)

Despite the lack of work produced I was surprised with the comments I received, it was nice being amongst the last of the 3rd year yet again it’s been a while and we haven’t seen each other due pressures the year has brought. Some of us have gone leap and bounds in succeeding our full potential this was clear from the Crit, however some of the expectation wasn’t as fine with some of us including myself.

A presentation was put together roughly outlining my initial thoughts of my project. Because my attendance has been low this was a chance to explain my whereabouts with the project, I didn’t feel I expressed it or executed the presentation well enough. The potential ideas from the book were explained although the main emphasis for the project wasn’t clearly displayed, some aspects where clear my goals is to 1. Produce an environment based on Stanislaw Lem’s Eden 2. Design and contrast the interior and exterior of the Starship crash landsite 3. Include the vehicle showcased in novel. Once finished it was quickly established and explained to me the logic of the book doesn’t need to correspond entirely to the book word for word, treating this as a commission would be the healthy option.

I stuck around after the Crit to find out if the intentions of my project were clear, luckily tutor Phil was still around, he had asked me a few question regarding the project, it soon become clear to me the importance of artist research needed to be considered before I move on. I’m trying to exploit design in my work which is one of the key components to the modelling texturing process, so therefore need to frame around specific parameters to achieve the certain athletic I’m looking for. But what is this aesthetic?
Planning my scene illustration done by Phil/myself showing how things could work.

Contrast is what I’m looking for, the world of Eden is explained being indifferent surreal and the Starship being it’s opposite a more stylized clean utopian futuristic look. The project is now resolved proceedings can continue. The original idea still exists it has just had a major re-think/ update. The final render will no longer include the interior of the ship I’ll look to treat the project as the fundamentals of a 2d image this will be used to express my idea the foreground element = Eden’s alien forestry vegetation’s (lung trees) middle ground = Vehicle (defender) background main piece = Starship land site.

Treating project as if i have been commissioned to produce an environment that expresses the novel, which could perhaps be later used as reference for a film/game is the main goal. The contrast between the two worlds (Eden’s forestry assets and the familiar spacecraft asset) will be the distinguishing factors on display, so therefore I’m not only an art director of one elements of the final product but two of the same environment.

I want to finish this year on a high, forget the past and the troubles move on learn from my mistakes, my focus is entirely on reaching the new designers stage.

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