Monday, 11 April 2011

Initial Artwork

The majority of the art work displayed here was produced prior reading of the novel, most of the concepts work nicely with the overall aesthetics of my project but some fail to. As the last assignment I really wanted to push things to my limitations so therefore I looked upon some old school methods of block paint, chalk work and oils. They were experimental at the time which I’d look to take into a programme like Alchemy/ Photoshop and re address them.

The oil sheets serve another purpose, personal texture of my scene was the idea in mind.
Initial concepts:
Additional sketches:
Block Paint work:
Oil texture:
The technique I used here was simply to dip a blank sheet of paper/card/cloth into a tray filled with a mixture of coloured oils you can see here a nice affect is formed although the drying of the oil took some time.


tutorphil said...

Nice to have you back, Raj - and many of these drawings are lovely! Don't waste a moment, mister - work smart - not just hard - focus, prioritise and choose quality over quantity - take one environment to the heights of perfection. You can do it. :D

Rdhillon said...

Yeah will do and thank you, I have an environment in mind and working as hard as I can to catch up. I’ll discuss it in tomorrow’s crit I don’t have much but have got a few things to show.