Monday, 18 April 2011

Animation Sounds

Recent thoughts have been around the sounds element to me animation as this is a significant part of setting the mood.When I start to think about the kind of effect I’m looking to produce some words in regard to the project pop into my head we are looking at: alien, strange, surreal, contemporary, wiry, atmospheric, desolate, humidity, ambient. These are only some of the words which describe the mood I’m trying to portray, so therefore these are the kinds of words running through my mind as I listen to the music. Here are a few examples which could work.

The beginning of this soundtrack has a nice quality to it the whole track will never work as the duration is too long. So I look to pick particular areas of the dialogue.

It is stated here that sounds exist in space which is an interesting concept, the sounds shown here were picked up by voyager spacecraft via electromagnetic vibrations.


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