Friday, 15 April 2011

Artist Research

I have decided to source inspiration from a sculptural artist for the design of my ship; I generally get a sense of dynamism from individual commissions and in a way I’ll be following a similar process of constructing something in an environment which may differ and obtain these out of the ordinary compositions. The general consensus for the way they may have approached a particular piece simple interests me, the thought processes and the construction of the sculpture itself becomes another factor of this fascination. Sculpture Artists also follow this pattern of having a new unique contemporary tendency which is part of the criteria I’m in search for.
Alexander Liberman
Firstly here we have alexander Liberman born in Russia, studied architecture his skill levels vary from being a magazine editor to publisher, painter, photographer and sculptor. I like the way his work shares the interest of contrast between the elements shown in the research below. The key fundamentals I can collect from his work are the, structural placement, use of space the awareness of the sculpture in the environment.
Torre ll
‘All of the following paintings have been categorized as surrealist works of art for reasons such as: their slightly larger than life elements, the artists metaphorical interpretations of real objects, their ability to reveal new ways of seeing, a perception of different ideas real or conceived, physical or imagined.

Everyone naturally has their own way of seeing a surrealist painting if only after disagreeing on what one is. Often one wonders about imagined dimensions and the surreal features' orientations to one another, as these give the painting an extra level base of thought and imagination.

Sometimes these elements are symbols that take on meaning from a chain of other surreal ideas resulting in something so far beyond the normal that an involved viewer of a painting could find dizzying, mind opening and euphoric effects brought on by its confusing yet beautiful compositions.’
Yanko Yankov
Next in line of discovery was Yanko Yankov a professional artist/graphic designer specialising in oil painting on canvas, I was in search for an expressive artist showing the value of light and dark. As this is one of the most common interpretations of achieving contrast itself, I thought I’d include this artist as a taste of expressionism about my work. The world I create will differ from the ship this is certain so therefore it’s important I get the contrast of light and dark correct. These Landscapes depicted an alien like environment with the use of colour.
 Jaison Cianelli
I commonly notice a sense of action/energy in the atmosphere of abstract art. Given that my world has strange inhabitants and that Stanislaw Lem’s novel displays a great deal of suspense/adventure, I felt like I’m in the right area of thought. Another element relating to Lem’s world is the expressing tonality abstract art oozes, the abstract genre in some cases is the strongest of expression whether it’s a low feeling i.e. a blue white black pieces another example would be a much richer feeling seething colours such as yellow red green blue, together the mixture of colour conveys these moods, the idea of this is an important consideration which may play a significant role in my work. Abstract painting can also have an emotional attachment which is another mutual connection to the artists the contrast them.

One of the last sources of inspiration comes from Jaison Cianelli born in (1980) the youngest of my three artists, as a self-taught artist his way of design comes naturally to him, specializing in abstract and abstract landscapes the demonstration of fresh uniqueness flows throughout the work he produces, full of energy and an insight to his mood is the general impression I get from viewing his work. The main emphasis gained from Jaison is the use of colour and how this reflects the mood.
 One Verse
Additional artist
Again I use the word dynamism to describe this artist known as ‘Peeta’, although the painter uses this common function of producing minimalistic forms in the art itself, the colours of the intricate paint really does work well together also we have to take in account the landscape it is done in. Huge sense of contrast in my eyes.

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