Sunday, 17 April 2011

Concept Artist Research

The visual basics of making my animation aesthetically pleasing comes from the research side of things as I’ve already established the artist research and the use of the various contrasting elements I’ll be bringing to my project. Here are some of my influences which generally inspire my creational thoughts we can see that from Chris Foss, Robert McCall and Joe Johnson there abilities to visualise completely diverse worlds, from the colours to the composition of the shots really help greater my rational of the scene I’ll be undertaking.

Interlinking existing artwork with my work brings the piece to a recognisable state sometimes when you push for a different perspective of the future/another world, things can become slightly muddled in a sense that the world isn’t clear, the limitation and prospect or the project can be over done beyond the boundaries you have set, which leaves a complex scene with no reasonable emphasis. so here is an area I shall make sure I pay attention to. Composition.
Chris Foss
Robert McCall
Joe Johnson

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