Friday, 29 April 2011

Landscape Research

I have the challenge of building an environment from my imagination and the facets that inhabit it, when you think about it our civilisation still hasn’t truly been discovered yet, there and millions and millions of things still yet to be discovered, as human beings technology forever advances so does our knowledge which leads to an on-going understanding of our planet.

I’m moving swiftly into the production stage and sourcing information for my environment, details from scientific inputs are being established, things like microscopy, biological organisms, virus’s, medical components are the kinds of features that capture the essences of my environmental look, as they have unfamiliar tendencies’ this works well in contrast to the natural commonalities of the other elements of the scene I shall be producing.

Another area of investigation has been around the nature of slim mold. Its appearance scaled up for example brings the question of strangeness as it’s not a largely recognisable element in the environment ,something which we can relate to being largely recognisable is trees. What I’ll be looking to do is perhaps use a few specimens of a slim mold and reconstruct it or perform some implementation with my own design work.

Slim Mold


Laying out the foundations of an alien planet world can be quite a mystery however I’m lucky to have Stanislaw Lem description from the novel, I’d like to take on board his thoughts of the environment and fuse them with how I see his depicted world. Some of the nature has been analysed, here we see my motivation of the terrain the environment sits on.
Bolivian Desert
Sahara Desert

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