Thursday, 28 April 2011

Eden Environment Evidence

All the evidence/ideas and knowledge will be born out of the novel for my transcription, the content will show the extent of the world I’m about to embark on, a great deal of the text describes my necessary components however not every detail will be given, which in turn allows for my imagination to come into its own, having experience assembling a world from words so to speak in the past has boost my confidence on achieving success once again. I feel that the challenges I face for this project reflect the nature of the intended goal which is to accomplish a strong resolved final animation.

After reading through carefully I noted down some of the key areas which allowed discussion to take place, perhaps a certain subject which could be subdued. I also began to build some kind of realisation (basic picture) of the planet Eden by quickly sketching areas I thought-out whilst reading, these are some of images already posted with various notes. The following references are taken from the novel.(Stanislaw Lem Eden English Translation Harcourt Brace Jovanovich published: 1989)

After re-evaluating the text I’ve pointed out the area’s in which the description belongs, in the green highlight depicts the environment aesthetics, the red corresponds to the ship and the yellow relates to the vehicle (defender).
Star Ship
Vehicle (defender)


tutorphil said...

how's it going, Raj?

Rdhillon said...

It’s not too bad, main focus should be modelling right now, just finishing up the design work then I can begin production.