Thursday, 28 October 2010

Another tutorial session

Despite the unfortunate events last week my health is back to normal and now raring to go, things in the tutorial session Monday went well, the project still looking good I pitched the developments as they stand, I went over the animatic which has been produced and explained what happens in specific area’s of the storyboard which may be unclear also some of the area’s that are in need for some improvement where discussed, there where a few question marks but nothing to major as these can be countered later. The ending of the poem was looking quite dull at first sight, some enhancements are needed, an aspect I can draw to was raised, a question to the movements of the monster as they emerge from the surroundings needs to be decided I’ll look to revisiting my animatic adding some indications of the creatures, I’m hoping this should boost your understand further. Looking back on the final scene using a technique such as focusing on one part of the environment and suddenly switching to another can really add to the appeal of the shot. At the moment the shot is static this could be something which could really enhance the overall look and feel of the end. The final note to the session was an implication which wasn’t very strong the ending to the animation. Something I could try is to have individual snap shot’s of the monsters in the room to conclude the sequence leaving a final memory of fright.

The meeting with Alan was also very constructive again just explained my whereabouts with the project the targeted tasks ect. The animatic was shown briefly along side the recorded footage, some interesting thoughts about this was brought up how the use of a moon light filter over my videos could really improve its aesthetics. The main discussion I wanted to have was to do with Maya, a few weeks back it was explained I could project an image sequence onto my modelled environment almost like a stencil on my light, this sequence would then portray the movements I’m looking for with my bear character, however complicated it may seem it was something that was done quite simply. As well as this more techniques where shown for example giving the projection variance therefore the shadow animation doesn’t have a crispness to it. Adding extra attributes to the camera changing things like the noise extremely useful in a scene in particular (when shadows enter the attic) and the colour of the projected shadow can be altered.

All these techniques need to be tried and tested enhancing the overall look. My moral for this project is high and hoping to maintain it throughout.


tutorphil said...

can't wait to see some new R & D, Raj...

Rdhillon said...

The rendering is a nightmare but i'm almost done...all will be revealed soon :)