Thursday, 21 October 2010

Minor Project: Animatic

It’s taken a while but the animatic is ready for viewing, I feel that you get a much clearer indication of what I’d like to achieve although there are a few minor mishaps with the animatic, some of the sound needs adjusting and the animation may be a bit cloudy in terms of what is actually happening, unless you have followed my progress up until now you may find this issue so I’ve prepared a summary of the events that occur in the animatic above.

Animatic summary

I start off with the title to the animation with a range of sound collected from source found on Google and various websites, the piece of poetry I’m transcribing in my view is a voyage of fear and so this is how the animation takes shape, it is described a bear (shadow) has come out of its ‘lair at the top of the stair’ this is exemplified as the dark form which jumps over the banister and races down stairs out of shot (captures audiences attention), it then begin to crawl back up the ‘stair’ (Nosferatu reference) bringing with it a plague of shadow which transforms whilst travelling up the stairs back into its ‘lair’ which in turn is the attic, this slams shut as the anticipation leads into the bedroom.

Followed by dark weary sounds and descriptive language from the narration we enter the room in which things come to life (cg) creaking noises, hound sounds, bones crunching an ambient sound of movement is shown, first the bird creature/monster is the first to come into sight from the cupboard it sits on the bed frame and fly’s off out of shot once noticed, next the hound demonstrates some fright with its red eyes and crawls out of the lower bed draw snarling hissing in the direction of the camera which walks out of the shot, then things starts to open/close questioning whether there are any other monsters lurking around in the room.

The ambition is to have direct connection with my targeted audience giving a sense of fright at night.

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