Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Storyboard Edit

Storyboard colour study.
Re-visited storyboard.

Tell Me It Isn’t!

Try not to stare
But tell me – that shadow there
With its head in the air
It isn’t a bear…
There isn’t a bear
Come out of its lair
At the top of the stair
Is there?

Take care how you speak,
But tell me, that creak,
It isn’t the creak of the freak
The flying freak
With the crooked beak
About from to sneak
Up from behind
IS it?

Tell me, that sound
Isn’t the sound of the hound
The red-eyed hound
Creeping around
Dribbling and crunching
The bones it found
About to leap with one bound
On my back! It isn’t, is it?

Tell me, that movement I saw
Behind the door
It wasn’t a paw
Wasn’t a claw
It wasn’t the beast
About to roar
And pounce and gnaw –

Yes, I know you told me before
But I’m still not sure
So, tell me once more.

I have re-posted the poem I’m using to illustrate where the (audio)/literature takes place in the various shots. There are 2 main sections to the poem in which show the necessity for tracking with character animation.

The opening scene will display my bear character in a 2d style as this is where the shadow variation takes place, this will draw the viewers attention and increase the fascination of the transcription further. It will take around a 1 minute with a combination of 8 shots as the shadow animation of the bear disintegrate into the attic at the top of the stairs.

The rest of the poem will take place in the bedroom scene this has been filmed with some strong lighting so ready for tracking also adding the cg elements, which are 2 other characters mention in the poem. A bird (flying freak with the crooked beak) and hound (sound of the red-eyed hound creeping around).In the bedroom scene objects such as the wardrobe, draws open/close to exemplify the adjectives used in the poem the creatures emerge and disappear.


tutorphil said...

positive developments, Raj! Looking forward to seeing some of that R&D with shadow animation etc. Are you feeling in control? I look forward to seeing you on Monday - use that tutorial slot as a micro-deadline; let's see how far you've got. Get your stuff into some kind of order. Entertain me! :-)

Rdhillon said...

If I’m going to be honest I haven’t been feeling very well lately, but that said the work is progressing. Think it’s ready for the R and D and character designing.