Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Filming Minor

Sunday was by far one of the toughest days of the of the minor so far, busy rushed off my feet from around 6pm to 12 midnight finishing of the implementation to the scenes, I began with the room, removed the door to make the camera more viable for filming, the positioning wasn’t any trouble as this was going to continue as a static shot, the movement with the scenes was going to be generated by the added cg elements these being the ‘monsters’(bear, bird, hound) .

I knew from my notes and storyboard the length of the room scene will be around two minutes so therefore I captured various shots ranging from the time limit, I played around with lighting to get the best possible outcome also adding luminous post it notes to optimize my chance of creating a good track(boujou).

Happy with the result in the room, moved onto the major area of filming which I aimed to be no more then one minute long, my stairs case for scene one. This was a very difficult challenge the idea was to casted some in depth shadows around the whole stair case in the night, I had in mind where my light sources where going to be positioned, 1. The garden light was going to be outside on my garage roof aiming into my house through the landing window. 2. The other light aided the lower floor casting shadows of the banister projected up. The positioning in itself was tricky not so much the lower light but the upper floor light, climbing up and down a ladder at night onto my roof in freezing cold conditions was not nice, however was worth it.

Again ready with the lights and scene set up I began filming, referring back to my storyboard constantly as it captured the movements and a reference to the shot angles, this was finished around 12pm.

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