Tuesday, 12 October 2010

This weeks tutorial session

Performing research in the previous week has improved the overall picture of my project from the blurry notion it held before, I was still slightly uncertain about aspect of the project but now things have changed and the outlook is brighter I took this tone in the tutorial sessions with tutor Phil and discussed some more important challenges I’ll be facing and the things I have been up to. From the list of things to do I expressed the main factors that need to be addressed before the intense designing phase.
Those are boujou tutorials from footage that has bee recorded (experimental task) familiarising myself with this process. The story board and animatic being the top priority, the addition of an animatic will express the idea to the next level, also giving a great chance to experiment with sounds. In the past I’ve created from scratch the making of document but now there’s and alternative solution something more convenient and professional. Despite the waiting period on the document/book this is the only bad point but the results are much greater. Recommended to all http://www.blurb.com/

I borrowed once again a HD camcorder from our university facilities and a tripod. Started gathering more footage of the environment needed for my work.
Today’s tutorial with Alan I brought up concern in relation to my room some recordings had been issued and it was noted that things didn’t seem right with the layout ,the sketch below was done by Alan to illustrate how the orientation of my room can be improved if altered, because I am emotional use to the room I need to start thinking in term of a film set appose to my emotional fixed attachment to the room, I’m going to need to make some adjustments to gather the full extent of what I would like to convey. This being doors/draws opening, distortion from wall and so on.

My illustration of the room as it stands.
Alan’s illustration a suggestion of change of the room.
Here is the shot and the best positioning of the room the arrows in the first illustration express the areas in which cg can be exposed and movements can enter the shot.

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