Friday, 15 October 2010

Being a Director

This project is a whole new meaning in terms of its context although in the past the assignments I have produce required directing this particular project proposal I’m dealing with involves film footage, this in itself contains a whole new set of variations and thought processes, the techniques I must conquer need to be established before hand what I mean by this is the different kinds of shot types and a lot of decision making, whether I need a particular shot and substance for it. I know this will continue on to improve my capabilities for the future projects.

At the moment I’m getting to grips with the whole idea of filming reality, I’ve produced some footage which was where my learning curve began. Initialising the problems in the tutorial session to begin with. From this I went onto another filming spree instantly the recorded footage look better. The reason for this is because I understood what is required for the shot. Another aspect I can concentrate on is the aspect of timing which I have been generally been okay at… I think. In addition with the footage the contrast of lights and darks will be considered since the lights I’m going to be adding will be positioned accordance to the light sources. Taking this in account the storyboard and animatic should portray the footage/shots well.

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