Thursday, 14 October 2010

Gregory Crewdson

I’ve just finished doing a bit of DIY taking down an outdoor garden light in which I’ll be using as a light source for my first scene in particular. As stressed before the footage of my stairs does not capture the kind of atmosphere I’m trying to portray, so some action has been taken and a crucial decision has been made to film at night this way I can form my own characteristics for the lights in the scene as well as have the back up form the moonlight.
I’ll be uploading some additional sketches with the storyboard to illustrate the plan of action with the lighting in scene one.
When thinking about the whole lighting scenario I can’t help but prefer back to an old artist used as inspiration in the first year American photographer Gregory Crewdson. Looking at the scenes that have been generated in the past really help push my idea that little bit further, in theses piece of art work we can verify some interesting shadows and the strong nature of depth partial caused by the light, some inspirational stuff here!

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