Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Texturing and lighting compete.

The transcription project has now come to a conclusion the scene is complete after much distress and sleepless night’s things have really taken form although well worth it. Still having minor rendering issues tweaks also there is room for improvements but this will have to wait for another day. From all the work created on this course so far I feel that this project has been the most resolved. Having been taking consideration of these challenges as the client and the freelancer in a sense .it’s clear in my workflow that my confidence has grown terms of the Maya application especially.

Considering some of the processes used the time scale and a very small understanding within them. Job well done I’d say.

The lighting had really brought my scene into prospective as before things looked slightly unbalanced so therefore the illumination of the Maya physical sun and sky had causing adjustments to improve the scene further.Below are a few sample pieces rendered with setting before correction for instance gamma levels, intensity on shaders and so on.
Sign 1 detial
Sign 2 detial
Structure 1
 Structure 2
 Structure 3
Structure 4
Structure 5
Structure 6
Structure 7
Structure 8
Walk way 1
Navigation panel
 Walk way detial
Walk way 2
Walk way 2
Means of travel
Background structure
Palm crystal
Palm crystal
Walk through

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Z Moat said...

Awesome stuff, can't wait to see the final product!!