Thursday, 22 April 2010

Final Animation.

My final transcription project render with sound by Cliff Martinez.


Alan Postings said...

Hi Raj,

Would loved to have seen this on the big screen. Well done.

Thinking into your third year, it would be good to keep refining the pipeline you've established for yourself. At the moment there appears to be a resurgence of 70's sci fi. Many films from that period are being remade and new films are follwing similar directing and design themes. For example, 'Moon' which shares a relationship with 'Silent Running' and '2001'.

There are also many books from that period (and before) which remain unmade. Therefore, it would be a good exercise to spend some time (summer?) doing literary/ sci-fi based research and seeing what you can find. Hopefully this could give you a grounding for your final year.

Rdhillon said...

Hey Alan,

Thank you .Yeah was a shame not to see this but happy it’s done now. I’ll definitely consider this over the summer and also review some of the rigging tutorials with Maya work that is lacking. :)

tutorphil said...

Hey Raj,

Great to see this in its entirety - I think you can be rightly pleased with yourself! Impressive stuff - very excited to see 'what Raj does next'!