Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Models and Metaphors

Models and Metaphors
Ok time for a new project.

The transcription project was a huge success and a nice bench mark for my time at UCA I think it’s really time to go for it, exceed my expectations. The last project of the year has begun firstly I’d like to set a few guideline from the brief just to refresh the expectation of the assignment and verify some of the goals and aspects of the proposal.

Reading through the content of the brief key pieces of information has been outlined ‘metaphoric language, creative zeitgeist, metaphoric references, ‘physical’ identification, conceptual connotations, promotion of products, brands and identities and advertising promotion and marketing. Having these are essential now allowing me to start thinking about the features in which the unit obtains.

The task is essentially the production of an esting (advertisement) for the channels E4.we have the option to either create a fully animated or a hybrid of live action CG. The idea here is to promote the E4 brand appropriate for viewing to specific audience/audiences ranging from around 10 to 12 seconds.

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