Friday, 16 April 2010

Physical Sun and Sky Lighting

I’ve spent the morning learning about some lighting techniques within Maya and testing out the physical sun and sky tutorial as this will be a major part in the overall lighting of my scene. In doing this process it has enable me to take note of rendering time and also the importance of gamma correction as this can change a scene significantly. I have also come to a conclusion about the intensity of the lighting on my environment and the settings within metal ray here are a few examples from the tutorial.
Without Physical Sun and Sky

At the moment no lighting has been applied and it is noticeable that the render is fairly mild.

With Physical Sun and Sky
Variation 1
Variation 2
Variation 3
Variation 4
Variation 5
Variation 6
Variation 7
The metal ray nodes have now been applied is it now noticeable the dramatic change.

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