Friday, 16 April 2010

Laying out Uv's

The remainder of the day has been spent finishing off lay outing out the UV’s for my structures ready for a heavy texturing weekend. This whole process has been a huge learning curves having not experienced laying out UV’s in the past I can now move forward from this familiarity with the basic knowledge covered.

I’d like to be very experimental and see what kinds of texture maps I can create this is one of the main aspect in which will make or beak my environment and really bring it to life. To capture the aesthetic I’m going to re-asses the designs, influences, inspiration that have been collected over the duration of this unit. Sourcing these will really help me as I can notice elements which could play a part in my environment at this stage.
Whilst taking note of the thought process as well modifying the UV’s in the texture editor much more attention was taken on finalizing details in making sure I remember to constantly make full use of the 0 to 1 place, this is an area that needs to be considered when laying out Uv’s, its important that I’ve identified this early ensuring things are done a little more accurately in the future.All the important section of the texture placement have been covered and ready. A few of my UV texture examples are shown below.

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Tom Beg said...

Well done Raj!