Thursday, 7 January 2010

Electric whisk design

Lazer Whisk

Laser pens where the main influence for Laser on the gadget.

The props for our set is almost complete I believe that there are only a few more pieces to complete the puzzle now, here is one of the main gadget that is shown in the animated short of our shopping channel, a deign had already been prepared however modification where needed and this job was fine tuned by me.

I simplified tom’s existing design of the Laser whisk and was also asked to model it. Overall happy with the new design feel that my Photoshop skills are improving each time I use it picking up new techniques and leaning new skills to tackle problem in addition.
The concept depict one of Q’s wacky invention yet again, you can see 3 buttons which have different functions in addition to this there is a lever allowing the actual whisk to be in motion when used, the challenge was creating the Laser, I noticed Tom added a scope to his design and this was one of the few things I decided not to use as the aim was to simply things on the gadget.

I feel this gadget (product) will compliment the whole idea of this unit coming to terms with the reality of shopping channels.

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