Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Swapping Genre - Task

The thought about the swapping genre task set but Allen has been lurking around in the back ground behind the group project lately having looking into it in the earlier weeks of the narrative project and thinking bout where the individual tasks will venture is still yet to be uncovered. I would like to create something that is visually comical and impacts the viewer perhaps a peculiar piece from opposite genres.

Methods: Romantic, Romance, Love, Comedy

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Alternative sounds for trailer below.

The background sounds plays a very important part to my trailer and to the success to what I’m trying to achieve, set out to find a decent love song which would instantly convey the message of the trailer to the spectator. There are so many different kinds of love instrumentals out there it didn’t take me to long in search of the right one for me. Taking the risk with this Bollywood theme explores a different medium and produces a certain type of quantity which was what I was in search for. (Theatrical) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bollywood

Tommy Lee Jones
Will Smith

Columbia Films Intro

Inspiration from the Brokeback Mountain back to the future piece inspired me to create my own love spiral between two characters in this case the people I was going to use star in many films famously the main area of research was Men in Back Tommy Lee Jones and will smith , gathering footage and collaborating a pastiche the idea here is to show some sort of relationship between the characters as they are partners in the fictional world I felt it was right to exploit the nature of this and bring a sense of reality perhaps over time this relationship has grown and now they can no longer hide their love for each other. (The main premise to my idea).

Genre swapping poster.

Poster complimenting trailer.

(Adobe Premiere Pro CS3)

Providentially I stuck to using cs3 after hearing about the numerous complications from some of my colleagues on the course I felt a small sign of relief work was not lost or corrupted on this occasion. The editing of the my trailer involved various methods of trial and error so much footage was collected most of it had to ditched the best bits where kept that I felt were necessary for the effect created by my piece.
I’ve put together a very long trailer here intentionally however become carried away with the task I soon realised it was too long, the ending is more of a review about the film which was also part of the comical spoof illusion I’m trying to display this fact brings a sense of realism and perhaps to first time viewer of men in black, with a little more work 'the trailer is an actual film'. The type of thought that would possibly derive from my trailer.

Final Rendered Trailer Uploaded onto Youtube

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