Thursday, 7 January 2010

Q's Shoe
Art and design webiste showcaseing various shoe designs.

Whist reaching alternative kinds of shoes for Q to wear the one that stuck out from the rest was this Lavin men’s shoe not only did it fit with the initial designs of the shoe it was the most appeal as I located views of the shoe which in turn helped with the modelling of the shoe.

Lanvin Men’s Shoes
Lanvin 2009 Spring/Summer Richelieu Shoes

Maya Shoe Model

It’s evident that the mechanisms of the blades are not showing in the views from the model in Maya. I was at a slight dilemma with the logic in terms of the way in which the shoe would work although there is a button on the back allowing the shoe to function properly there was no reasonable way for the knifes to emerge form the sole area of the shoe. I’ve uploaded into sky drive for tom and matt to help come up with some sort of solution to the problem where facing.

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