Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Narrative Intro Idea 1

James Bond gun barrel sequence

The idea from Glen had got me thinking as he thought about our group Intro having a similar adaptation of the classic James bond gun barrel sequence, from my drawing you can clearly see my thoughts of how to approach the idea and my thinking of how to best portray the sequence we are using I feel that it can be done in a few different ways for example using Photoshop, after-effects or anything else suitable in this case I was in view of using Maya also be aware that this idea can be quite affective and simple to achieve it may be the case of the project is lacking.

The idea come form a previous project Tom had finished, I vaguely remember him using image planes and animating them with this idea the camera can be animated, perhaps the gun barrel can be displayed in front of the set and the camera can be animated in addition or another way is to do this all separate from the set and edit into final collaboration of the animation I am open for suggestions to this issue if we decide to go with the idea.

In the design below highlights different colours showing the various planes in which indicate order of the planes silhouetting the Q shape.

I looked at the reference from the gun barrel and noticed that there were 8 segments used; taking this into account it can be acknowledged and used in Maya the same way having 8 planes shaped to the Q symbol. Then the camera can span though the image planes.

Reseaching Intros
Thunderbirds: 1960s TV series intro - 5-4-3-2-1 countdown and theme music

QVC 1993

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The difficulty appeared to be there wasn’t any television vision programmes selling product in the 1960 from the research collected and so the alternative was to improvise and looked at 1960s television programme introduction for influence.

Small previz showcasing my idea.

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