Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Maya work Update...

My Maya work from the technical classes have been somewhat hidden and not regularly posted onto my blog for all to see, it has occurred to me now really try my best to publish and give evidence of my work flow. Despite this negatively and truth I need to overcome, every inch of the technical classes I’ve sat through large quantities of Maya know how and knowledge has something has been absorbed this has therefore enabled me to create a fully modelled, rigged and skinned character. Below is a collection of the Maya work ranging from the earlier periods of the 2nd mainly incomplete the task I have set myself is to finish them.

Maya 2010 Modelling...
Mini model

This model is fairly dull at the moment to catch up the model requires a few more components for example the grill, wheel arch also modifications to the roof and back lights.

Cartoon character model

The cartoon character has been a challenge in itself following the step by step tutorials given during the technical classes have really helped, I began with a incomplete model unsure where the model was obtainable, the decision was made to save time and start again as the geometry was quite wide nothing could be salvaged. The next steps are to add the eyes, hat and small facial features such as the beak.

Human Head Modelling

From all other modelling I find creating a human head very fascinating you can clearly see how distinctive the geometry is in relation to the actual head itself my model is coming along nicely, the eye shape need improvement nose needs to be added add along with the neck.

(I hear the ear will be a pain)

Human body modelling

Now here you are seeing the first few stages of the human body modelling, I found this much more easily as it required less geometry compared to the head more work is needed on the abs of the model to large, have to remember I am working from orthographic images from a real life person so things need to be distinct right in proportional sense. Next stage is to model arms and legs.

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