Monday, 28 December 2009

New 'Grinder' gadget proposal

It was time to develop the gadgets further into the modelling stage so far the other objects are looking realistically ready, the one lacking at the moment is the ‘Grinder’ although Matt has come up with a good idea and produced a concept for it research was missing to make the gadget believable, he advised me to re develop it again using the existing Grinder design and enhancing it.

The design stage initial started with Generic Square like forms, this was based on the images found and analysed the bold lines of the designs from the 60’s period. I toyed with both straight lines and curvy detail to the structure it lead to a conclusion of the coffee bean itself; it obtains the lines and curvature I’m looking for so the design is now based on the coffee bean shape.

Consulting the design with Matt we tried to make the grinder more distinctive I then began thinking about the sounds in which would be involved around the gadget, steamy, mechanical, robot noises are some of the effects I can see the Grinder producing, from the first drawings designs where taken in account and additional features where added for instance steam engine wheels, steam gauge indicating the pressure, hydraulics and other devices that look dangerous basically all this will add to the outcome of the Grinder.

Steam engine trains


Steam pressure gauge

Grinder concept


Tom Beg said...

This is cool Raj, like it a lot. Looks like a deadly toaster.

Rdhillon said...

haha thanks dude ;)