Friday, 18 December 2009

New set design proposal

You can see here I’ve thought about the groups set design at the moment I feel the set lacks creatively don’t get me wrong the style is there although something is still needed and so I set out to create a more visual stylized layout to help Tom when constructing it better, reference from the 60s have been applied the image that I have used contribute the type of bases where my thought where wondering , the crazy lights having a distinctive colour this in turn generates an awareness that the environment the audience are viewing is based on the 60’period.

The finished item shows how the mixture between the character of Q and the sets design share there own Identities although still grasp the nature of the environment which is minimalistic plans and distinctive a lot of thought has gone into the contrast between the two you notice curves which contrast towards Q and his box like form.

Form the drawings it has enabled me to understand the objects that will most likely be shown in the production and filming of the shopping channel and so this allows me to begin a more in-depth modelling process of the props, knowing which objects may require that like more detail.

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