Monday, 23 March 2009

week 24

In some respects my idea is simlar how ever implyfied virsion of the kings story as he goes throught so much and end up with nothing and dies.i also feel in some ways king kong has the melancholy feeling his state of mind is gloomy and lonelyness followed with depression the island in which he love on is in hbbited by dnagerous creatures. his only way to survive is to fight them off and so this is how i think his kind become extinct over time.

bouncing ball

the 2 walk cycles

rotating bouncing ball


The overall project has had some of its strengths and weeaknesses highs and lows however i have definetly gained a greather knowelege into the whole aspect of 2d animation ive stufied into artist work ventured into films and so on.

I enjoyed the design process of my amiantion comin up with ideas about my toadstool i felt very ambitious and creative, areas in which could have been inproved my animation included the way in which it was layed out perhaps i could have used 24 frames per second other than 12 improving the picture qualtiy moveing more smoothly.

When animating the area in which the animation went correctly was the drawing and editing it togther although saying this i found that if there more of the same procsses bein done then more problems occur the futher you travel into the task.

So many problems occured when creating the animation , i made the mistake of useing small A6 peices of paper rather than doin it on A4 as this would have improved my time went scanning, i wasnt familar with adding sounds this couls have been improved by creating them myself perhaps colour woudl have enhanced the picture quaity.

Final Life of a toadstool

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