Sunday, 15 March 2009

week 23

At this stage I'm fairly comfortable with my work some areas still need improvement however nothing to major I'll b looking to start writing my essay as i have completed some of the other tasks in the previous week.

character sheets...

The characters within my animation vary in sizes this can give you a clear indication of which one is which also there characteristics are the same and serve the same purpose which is to be picked by humans.

traditional animation

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lip sinking

I began looking at walk cycle in the early weeks and now have the opportunity to venture into it with more depth, in order to understand the walk cycle process I'll need to gather information bout it first, this will in turn help me with the design and constructions of it.

my three character walk cycles...

side view

front view

back view

making of the light box/table

in today's world there are many ways in which to create a 2d style of animation programs such as flash can speed the process up however going back and using the traditional method of light can really show you the toughness of drawing.

i felt that when animating i will need a suitable area on which to work on ,i created a light table other than a light box which all my drawings can be done, i didn't have a box neither have prospects to combine with and so i had the opportunity to craft one which an old television stand shelf it was perfect for wot i was doing as it wasn't completely transparent effecting my eye sight.

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