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Animation week 21


I'm really enjoying how our projects every time bring something new and exciting to deal with,the work and the whole animation scene becomes more complex as we develop a better understanding of what animation really consists of in the work. when working and creating the knowledge within cg arts is expanding giving us a huge new overlook onto the world of animation.

The next project consists of hand drawn animation and the history behind this also we was giving the Chance at the briefing to watch some clips of the early days of animation and how it was done, one caught my eye in particular 'Gertie the dinosaur' it was funny full of humour experimenting with thoughtful jokes it really gave me a sense of what was achieved at such a late time in history.

In term of the work load i already known everything needs to be planned out before i start, aspect such as research and building a basic narrative will become the main priority of the first week or so, i can then start to building a foundation in which i can work upon, things such as the character design will come after this process as will development of the initial sketches, i can then progress onto the animation itself using a method to produce the hand drawn animation into a final render.

Once again we received words in which we can start working on:

The Melancholy


'An inedible or poisonous fungus with an umbrella-shaped fruiting body.'

I am not familiar with the word melancholy and so research was done into the word, some of the aspects i picked up on described what melancholy was and also what they are associated with in the real world.

Useful quote
by Henri Frederic Amiel

"Melancholy is at the bottom of everything, just as at the end of all rivers is the sea. Can it be otherwise in a world where nothing lasts, where all that we have loved or shall love must die? Is death, then, the secret of life? The gloom of an eternal mourning enwraps, more or less closely, every serious and thoughtful soul, as night enwraps the universe."

Melancholy definition

Sadness or depression of the spirits; gloom: “There is melancholy in the wind and sorrow in the grass” (Charles Kuralt).
Pensive reflection or contemplation.
Black bile.
An emotional state characterized by sullenness and outbreaks of violent anger, believed to arise from black bile.

Artist research

Domenico Feti

captures depression

Edvard Munch

Throughtout the course so far the work has involved huge amounts of of 3 dimentional work for example modelling sets in maya ect, coming from the realms of 3d this project has given us a chance to understand the histroy of 2d animation and some of the techniques used which will improve in areas of our 3d work as animation was 1st creatived in 2d.

The Enchanted Drawing

these clips show the huge tranformation in animation that has taken place within the last hundred years or so, the complete transformation between the two clips come from the 1900s to the present time.Although i use the word transformation there are also some elment which are still in place which creating theses.

Colours sound was a big step enchaning the entertainment experpince for the view as sounds was being realised and introduced into animtion the animation started to become more complex in terms of the details and so on.

CG Facial Animation

Toadstool animation

youtube is a great source when looking for some visual reserch and refrences of a giving topic and so this is where my findings of walks cycles began.

How to Film Walk Cycle Reference Footage -- powered by

How to Film Walk Cycle Reference Footage

How to Design a Walk Cycle Character -- powered by

How to Design a Walk Cycle Character

Keeping your character to be animated as simple as possible for efficiency in walk cycle animation; learn this and more in this free online art video about animation taught by an expert animator.

Walk cycles
running cheetah

28 Principles of Animation

I have located a site in which indicates that there are 28 princples of animation its a great example for begginer such as myself to understand the wide range of techiniques and processes that are involed within animation.

-Pose and Mood
-Shape and Form
-Model or Character
-Line and Silhouette
-Action and Reaction
-Squash and Stretch
-Beat and Rythem
-Depth and Volume
-Overlap and followthru
-Working from extreme to extreme
-Straights and Curves
-Primary and secondary action
-Staging and composition
-Positive and negative shapes

'There are some principles of animation that can be consciously used in any scene. We should familiarize ourselves with them for both animation and animation-cleanup.'

More artist research

Norman Mclauren...

Norman Mclauren is a huge influence to my work i would like to incorporate the style in my own way as the effect that he gives in his animations is appealing, the variation in types of lines and colours gives a illusion of emotion which works well with my melancholy state.


There is a relationship between fantasia and the work that i want to produce, as fantasia entertains through the use of sounds and imagery which is very bold and strong, the link between nature and my toadstool has inspired me to use it as a reference to my work at much as possible.

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