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week 25 Virtual Anatomy

Virtual Anatomy

Its now nearing to the end of my first year the experience has been excellent I've learnt so much in such a small amount of time, although it has been hard at times i have learnt from my mistakes and tried to improve at each opportunity the best way i can, as the last project I'm going to use my time wisely to achieve the best i can.

I remember viewing some of the students work on the UCA website this is were i began, noticed some of the work was based on common diseases or a certain type of journey for example how malaria travels thought the body as it harms the blood cells within us.

The task is to explore virtual anatomy and create a visual representation which can be viewed by others for instance the working of the cells in the human body this would then be published in a science museum educating the public, as you are unable to see the insides of the human body at work the assignment will enable us to think creatively and develop our own vision of what is occurring inside out body's, there is a lot of clips explaining the process and the mechanics at work in the human body comparing them can be a good area in which to start my project, the clip we produce must be clear and accurate the information that is given within the clip must show a clear understanding of the situation and so on.

Virtual anatomy

Anatomy is the science of the structure of the body and the relation of its parts.
The physical structure of an internal structure of an organism or any of its parts.

Here is an example of computer generated concept design of what looks to be a medical diseases used to identify to radiologists a problem.

my ideas were in full swing once looking at all the different areas in anatomy i feel that i want to take totally different approach to what some students have done in the past.
Idea 1. Relationship between robot and man (cyborg)

Idea 1. humans (cyborg)

For my first idea i was thinking about a relationships between man and robot and how advanced we now have become i wanted to show the human working as a metaphor with robots as blood runs through the human body oil and machines pumping to replicate the human body.

I feel this was a little to ambitious however a good idea educating the young on how the society has changed in many ways.

Idea 2. Snake bite journey of the venom

My next ideal was derive from a documentary i watched last year about the most venomous snake we have on this earth today although there are many snakes in the world they are not all deadly with this idea i would mainly focus on the the venomous snakes and show some types of journey of the venom and what is does to the human body.

The film which influenced my idea was snakes on a plan which lead to research into others show below:

Influences for idea:
Snakes on a plane (2006)

Anaconda (1997)

Indiana Jones Raiders of the lost ark (1981)

Python (2000)

Idea 3. connection of human vision and the eye optic nerve system
The eye is a very fragile piece of the human body i feel that there is huge amounts of complexity when studying the eye and examining the relationship it has to the brain, it would b a very interesting however insightful task to create a cellular environment. looking into anatomy and the human body the 5 senses we obtain was the main attraction for this idea as sight is 1 of the 5.

My Aim:
With my animation i would like not only to design an in interesting cg environment but also i would like to show an awareness for example i have established my idea and going for idea 2 the journey of a snakes venom, in addition the awareness would be to 'think about your actions'.

think road safety example


Someones experience of a snake attack contains some visual effects.Very useful and can be used as live footage for example within my own work.

Promotional adverts

In the midst of my thoughts the piece that I'm creating can be used as a promotional advertisement for example showing awareness to the world that snake should not be handled and miss treated, they do not want to be touched, and so educating people of the world about the dangers involved wold be addressed.

When considering cg i started looking into different promotional advertisements such as symptoms and synthesises that maintain inner visual reference such as:


(sorry just had to upload)


Chest pain

The blood cells
stylistic choice of having the vessels transparent this is purely so the public can see which way the blood cells are traveling and helps fully engage the public attention on what is happening.

Deaths from snake bites are relatively rare - an estimated five million snakebites occur worldwide each year, causing about 125,000 deaths. The most dangerous snakes include the Australian brown snake, carpet vipers in the Middle East, Russell's vipers and cobras in southern Asia, and coral and rattlesnakes in North America.

Most snakebites are the result of harassment - biting is a snake's defensive reaction. As snakes bite people when they're frightened rather than to kill them for food, many bites inject little poison. However, the venom of a small or immature snake may be more concentrated than that of an adult.

The following precautions can help you to avoid being bitten by a snake:
Wear long trousers and heavy shoes or boots when walking through areas where snakes are common.

Carry a walking stick to distract snakes should you surprise one.

Take particular care at night and in warm weather, when snakes tend to be more active.
Snakes and scorpions tend to rest in shoes and clothing - give everything a good shake in the morning.

medically reviewed by Dr Trisha Macnair in September 2006.

Types of venom

As i have established where i want my idea to go i started thinking about the various types of venom snakes contain, surprisingly there are only 2 specific types.

Hemotoxic venom effects the blood and organs, causing a breakdown or inflammation in the body. Hemotoxic bites are the most painful as breathing hurts and tissues start to die.

Neurotoxic venom, as the name suggests, effect the nervous system, leading to everything from seizures to death. Neurotoxic bites are the most deadly.

Snakes that contain venom inject its pray with a defined amount of venom depending on its size ect, here is a website showing me the amount in which certain snakes contain within them also the lethal dosage used on humans described in mg(milligram).

The Symptoms:

  • Bloody would discharge

  • Blurred vision

  • Burning

  • Convultions

  • Diarrhea

  • Dizziness

  • Excessive sweating

  • Fainting

  • Fang marks in the skin

  • Fever

  • Increased thirst

  • Local tissue death

  • Loss of muscle coordination

  • Nausea and vomiting

  • Numbness and tingling

  • Rapid pulse

  • sever pain

  • Skin discoloration

  • Swelling as the site of the bite

  • Weakness

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