Monday, 16 February 2009

week 19

Project building

Listening to the third yours projects and there achievements with the projects was very helpful understanding the issues and problem that occurred during there projects was something which we could remember for the future and the ways in which we could perhaps change or even stop it from happening some of the work was very interesting to see and the description of process was inspiring.

Planning was a huge aspect which some of the third years touched on.

Ideas can come from anywhere as we have a huge amounts of resources around use at the university, which we can look upon and work from become inspired researching etc, it is our job to be creative and come up with solutions to which are testing our creative ability's with out the planning it be quite hard to know what he next stage is for a project.

La Jetee

Dir Chris Marker

The editing was very good considering the time in which the film was made i especially like the montage editing with series of clips added together becoming very structured as the meaning was not only found in one shot it was located in the whole sequence of shots which in turn drives the narrative forward.the evidence shows people becoming stamped the music then starts to bring out the terror and violence which is occurring in the the scene and also depth was show with the different angles of the shots there were long shots mid shots and so many more.


Dir Alfred Hitchock


The film Psycho hits so many different areas for me within the horror film genre from all of the films we have seen so far this one in particularly i will never forget, the effect i felt during the film was completely different to the other films i was completely drawing into it and had a hunger to know what is going to happen next, you can see how some of the more day films have been influenced by Psycho.Going down in history as a very successful film.

Project evaluation

Though tout this project my planning has been fairly poor i need to learn the new technique of time keeping quickly as it is nearing the end of the 1st year and things will become more harder in the 2ND year,i know that there are other key things i can pick up on if i just organise the work that I'm am doing things better only become easier ,so in turn will improve my overall capabilities

I feel that the main aspects in which i succeeded in was the animatic and previs although the story was strong more areas of this could have been improved i created overall round about 50 -60 images which was enough however they needed to be more distinctive.

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