Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Final Minor Project Proposal

Initial concept:

The initial intention was to create an innovative advertisement/ promotion to the production of a new concept, a technology which I’d like to exploit and make the world aware by the means of producing an animation which explores a notion conveying a message about the way we consume as humans, making the audience have a sense of realisation taking on a kind of eco-friendly/green approach, this would involve extensive design the main emphasis I am looking to focus on now and the rest of my time, all adding to the future path as a cg designer. Whether it was going to be anticipated for a convention of some kind or television advertisements was not quite clear as of yet, it had been brought to my attention that this kind of project would lack in many areas then one as the idea promotes being a product designer appose to the bigger picture. On a grand scheme of things to cater for the 15 week duration on this project the objective must be more generalised therefore the role now is clear, production designer/art director.

Going back again to my transcription project the next ambition following it was to create an environment for a film rather than a game this time round. Some thought and research was done in order to find the right candidate for my source material. Some examples found include the works of William Gibson, Philip K Dick and various others the genre of their revisions fits in with my target of implementing an environment that works with the nature of being sci-fi based. Stanislaw Lem struck my attention in particular the story of Eden is my choice.

I’d like for my final animation to obtain few factors firstly a strong design base to the narrative is essential, preferably a fresh novel which hasn’t been encountered before, this will allow for my ideas to flow more independently in-turn allowing freedom for my imagination to run wide and create a new adaptation, not having to refer to existing pieces (although there are similar stories that relate to my choice perhaps the opportunity is here to produce and existences out of the ordinary). Another key factor on my agenda was in for the candidate of my choice to display a clear chance to refine my pipeline process.

The path will be to demonstrate design appose to creating a native for myself I discovered potential here for a serious animated short however I’d like to stick to the intended goal of a fully realised environment for a film with extra details.

Stanislaw Lem – Eden a 1959 science fiction novel.
Main plot:
'A starship crew composed of a captain, an engineer, a doctor, a chemist, a physicist, and a cyberneticist (robot technician), crash lands on an alien world called Eden. After escaping their wrecked ship they set out to explore the planet, first travelling through an unsettling wilderness and coming upon an abandoned automated factory. There they find a constant cycle of materials being produced and then destroyed and recycled. Perplexed, they return to their ship. At the crash site they find a local creature has entered their vessel. They name these large creatures, with small torsos retractable into their large bodies, Doublers (from "double-bodied").'
'Lem's work displays several recurring themes. The first major grouping of his fiction falls into a more traditional understanding of science fiction, with elements including speculation on technological advances, space travel and alien worlds.'

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