Thursday, 10 February 2011

Environment aesthetic

A general premise for my project idea now exists, until I have the source material within my grasp I am unable to find the exact content for my development process to begin, the logic for the design and idea will become clearer once acknowledged, the novel Eden by Stanislaw Lem has been ordered from Amazon, just waiting now for its arrival. For the time being I can start to look at a few questions that need answering I.e. What kind of sci-fi is this planet going to convey?And what will the future of my environment encompass? Totalitarian,Utopian, Dystopian, Post apocalyptic,Retro these are some specimens I could venture towards.

From analysing the plot and gathering evidence such as some reviews of the novel it’s already been established from the research obtained the novel contains common basics of a futuristic setting, the fundamentals which play a key part in understanding what needs to be produced.

snpmurray's Full Review: Stanislaw Lem - Eden
"The story begins with the crash landing of a craft on a planet of which little is known. The occupants of the craft are referred to only by their professions…“the doctor”, “the captain”, “the cyberneticist” etc.. etc. After their crash landing, and eventually managing to extricate themselves from their space craft, they proceed to explore the planet. First on foot, and later with the aid of a jeep, and even eventually a tank, they discover that there is an advanced civilization on the planet. Unfortunately is it precisely because of this level of advancement that nothing can be fathomed of it at all."
"Their travels reveal fantastic structures…..huge animal/plants which resemble trees but move like animals, giant towers filled with glass eggs, each containing a bizarre skeleton…gigantic factories which seem to produce objects which resemble living tissue, only then to reabsorb and recycle them again."


Terrain - Jungle - Desert - Forests
A substantial portion of this book takes place on a non-Earth planetary body: - inhabited by friendly aliens - unfriendly aliens - neutral aliens - primitive aliens
Planet outside solar system? Yes

The suggestions found in the review shown here will help obtain the basics as discussed before, although from reading the criticisms the future is not specified clear enough I’ll look to mould my own from the story.

Common visions of the future

There are many interpretation of the future that plays a significant role on the aesthetics of the environment. In various films this can be found things like the shape of the structures depend on its environment, in some cases the structures are born out of the environment which is something I may look into as the description of the novel could focus primarily on this feature. It important I find the right balance in order for my environment to make sense more in depth research is needed.

An idea playing on my mind is a world that has run out of a nature resource i.e. no more oil exists on earth therefore the inhabitants have adapted to the life styles this could really bring out some innovative design visuals.


Tom Beg said...

Hey Raj,

I havent read this Lem book myself, but I know his style.

I think you'll find that the book is more of a comedy. Very surreal and absurd.

Maybe not along the lines of the images you've picked out.

Rdhillon said...

Yeah I remember you mentioning this... not to worry the images are only references to an idea.