Sunday, 23 January 2011

The last of my Minor

Submission day was a very stressful time for me, taking things down to the wire of the deadline I continued working all through the night as I have been throughout the week sacrificing sleep and failed to hand-in the final piece (the animation), this was due my hard drive breaking down 3am for no apparent real reason as I was working, I genuinely thought I could finish despite the time left but this mishap stopped me in my tracks, luck wasn’t on my side that day. All my renders and fully tracked final file had been saved on the hard drive with my animated Maya character files so there was no way of recovery. I was devastated left to hand-in what had been produced up until the initial deadline date.

Despite my misfortune I have to take in account aspects of my project which have really shone though such as the characters development into there resolved state plus the major challenges I brought to my plate understanding the power of boujou to the construction of my characters animation.

I have to forget what has happened and not dwell on the past but take the positives and move forward try finish this degree on a high. I understand I can’t go back to change what has happened and the grade I receive may not reflect my potential which is a real blow. This post displays some of my backed up files before they had been worked on and an example of what my final piece may have been like.


Gary Doncaster said...

Sorry to hear about the hard drive failure - im gutted for you as I am sure it would have been amazing from what I can see in these clips.

Rdhillon said...

Thanks Gary that means a lot, nothing I can do about it now just got to look forward. Great to see your animation in complete form though. Well done mate!

Gary Doncaster said...

Yeah you can only learn from your mistakes and thanks :)