Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Stanislaw Lem

'Lem's books have been translated into over 40 languages and sold about 27 million copies. He was probably the best single sci-fi author of the late 20th century not to write in English. Lem often wrote in comical style, but examined serious moral questions about technological progress, the limits of science, and our place in the universe.'
'Lem's early novels and stories were more or less optimistic and based on the conventions of Socialist Realism. He examined technological development, future civilizations, and responsibility of scientist.'

‘Wrote in a comical style’

‘Serious moral questions about technological processes’

I’ve decided to look at Stanislaw Lem in more detail and find out more about the kind of writer he was, examining some of his works to piece together a greater recognition of his of the style he implied on his literature. And perhaps even take an insight into his life history which influenced his style of writing.

From reading about the life of Stanislaw his existences was beyond an average standard of living in comparison to people today, he lived through a revolution, war and poverty in and around Germany whilst the totalitarian Nazi movement was present. He studied medicine in addiction to this his IQ was measured over 180 (average human = around 100) at high school, It was noticeable that he has been involved in a number of adverse changes in life and others include his careers which all reflect on his knowledge base, i.e. the physical work he underwent as mechanic, welder to a research assistant in a science institution all adding to the strength and knowledge his thoughts lied in whilst developing his imagination into words.

I find it interesting one of Lem’s’ favourite subjects include the limitations of the human understanding, including this area of thought into a fictional piece allows the authors mind to stretch beyond the boundaries of regular writers resulting in an interesting contextual quality. The novels he wrote would address political difference under the disguise of fantasy and the nature of science fiction, as the polish government would not allow criticism.

The futures he recreates from his imagination have been born out of being a superior person in society which is clearly evident from his history. Some of the key elements found in his novels depict ‘future civilizations’ something very attractive in terms of the kind of unique innovative environment I’m looking for. I’ll take on board the aspects in which have influenced Stanislaw Lem throughout his life whilst creating the adaptations of his text into the environmental concept art.

‘his fiction seems at a distance from the daily cares and passions, and conveys the sense of a mind hovering above the boundaries of the human condition: now mordant, now droll, now arcane, now folksy, now skeptical, now haunted and always paradoxical. Yet his imagination is so powerful and pure that no matter what world he creates it is immediately convincing because of its concreteness and plentitude, the intimacy and authority with which it is occupied’


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