Monday, 10 January 2011

Characters Complete!
It’s been a while sine I have last posted, however I’m back. Due to up coming deadlines this month things have maintained at a pace time is ticking down. hats said my time has been spent very wisely and ready to reveal some strong content. Despite the challenging nature of what I set out to do all three character have been completed, fully rigged skinned and the controls have been set to the standard in which I require them.

My characters in an individual sense by far one of the most longest and challenging to tasks to date, baring in mind the whole quadruped skinning/rigging was new to me, I feel much more confidence having perform the separate tasks, things progressed at a steady pace many thanks to Alan for his help and introducing me to the digital tutor DVD which flows a steps by step analysis of a horse character from start to finish.
So now lets get back to my project, interims of my minor the tasks left, have narrowed and time now is of the essence, animating my character is top priority at the moment as the rendering of my animation will follow. Setting these aside the blurb document arrived ahead of schedule with a neat finish .Additional preparations have been taken currently the project is in the region of about 80-85% complete.

I’ll look to exemplify some poses, ready the animation sequence, track shots accordingly, render sense with sequence and finish up with the post production of my animation.


Jon Stewart said...

The bird is wonderful, eager to see it textured.

Rdhillon said...

Thanks Jon! I'm afraid they don't require any texture for what i'm using them for at the moment by i'll look to texture a later date.